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This is an unorganized collection of pieces in various stages of the editing process. Perhaps some day I'll get serious about writing a blog.

Johnny Cash, the Piano, and the Soul

Late in his career Johnny Cash recorded theĀ American series in partnership with producer Rick Rubin. The recordings offered a new generation of listeners acquaintance with the Man in Black in part by reproducing some of their very own favorite songs. … Continue reading

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An Argument Against Slavery

Aristotle, in his Politics, says that a slave is the possession of another man (Politics, 1253b 31). One might argue that if this is the definition of slavery, then slavery does not exist because one man cannot be the possession … Continue reading

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Jesus’ Commentary on Aristotle

Aristotle’s comments on liberality in Book 4 Chapter 1 of the Nicomachean ethics are similar to the teachings of our Lord on money. Aristotle says that people who have less can give less and be just as liberal as those … Continue reading

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